WP Unit 2 - Reports
Assignment #2
Open a new Word document and add the title block at the top left of the page.
Remember to change the line spacing to double (Ctrl 2) and remove the space after paragraphs.
Create the report shown below using correct report format (refer to your notes for correct format and spacing).


Learning to key is of little value unless one applies it in preparing something useful—a record or document of some kind. Three basic kinds of software have been developed to assist those with keyboarding skill in applying their skill electronically.
Word Processing Software
Word processing software is "software specially designed to assist in the document preparation needs of an individual or business . " (Clark 193) Word processing software permits the user to enter text, format it, manipulate or revise it, and print a copy. The software can be used to process a wide variety of documents such as letters, memos, reports, and tables.
This software has special features such as automatic centering and word-wrap that reduce time and effort. In addition, it permits error corrections, format and sequence changes, and insertion of variables "on screen" before a copy is printed. These features increase efficiency by eliminating document rekeying.
Database Software
A database is "any collection of related items stored in computer memory" CITATION Oli89 \p 573 \l 1033 (Oliverio and Pasewark 573) . The data in a database may be about club members, employee payroll, company sales, and so on. The data might include things like names, birthdates, social security or employee numbers, etc. Database software allows the user to enter data, retrieve and change it, or select certain data (such as an address or telephone number) to be used in documents. Software users can manipulate and print data in a variety of report forms for decision-making purposes.
Spreadsheet Software
"A spreadsheet is an electronic worksheet made up of columns and rows of data . " ( Oliverio and Pasewar k 489) Spreadsheet software may direct a program to apply mathematical operations to the data and to print reports that are useful in summarizing and analyzing business operations and in planning for the future.
Employment personnel look favorably upon job applicants who are familiar with these kinds of software and how they are used.
Clark, James F., et al. Computers and Information Processing . 2nd ed . Cincinnati : South-Western Publishing Co., 1990.
Oliv erio , Mary Ellen, and William R . Pasewark . The Office . Cincinnati : South-Western Publishing Co., 1989.

Remember to create a new page at the end of the report for the works cited and format according to the guidelines for the works cited in your notes.
Insert page numbers on the top right of the page.
Proofread and spell check the report.
Add a footer on the bottom of each page with your name and period on the left. Ensure that your name appears on ALL pages of the report.
Save the file as Report 2 in your Word folder on your H: drive.
Close the document window. DO NOT PRINT!!