What were the most important consequences of the Spanish-American war? for economic, political, and ideological reasons, the US expanded Cuba's quest for independence in to the Spanish-American war military victory in turn propelled the United States into an imperial roleHawaii was annexed, Puerto Rico incorporated, Cuba occupied, and the Philippines acquired, though many Americans vigorously protested imperialism as a repudiation of American political and moral ideals.

What opportunities and obstacles did American expansionist find in Asia? The US waged a brutal war to suppress Filipino aspirations of independence and to secure a foothold in East Asia
this advanced American commercial and financial expansion in China by opposing exclusive spheres of interest and insisting upon and Open Door policy and forcing others to go along with that Competing JAP/RUS interests in China threatened to obstruct US dominance.

What was the nature of US involvement in Latin America? after the Spanish-American War the US frequently intervened in Latin American to promote its own strategic and economic interests. It restricted European influence in the region, built the Panama Canal , and est. control over many nations, through military occupation, client gov. or dollar diplomacy such policies ignored the wishes and interests of Latin Americans and provoked lasting ill will