Walters, Luther

ENG 161-68 Thurs.

February 02, 1999

You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Canít Make Him Drink.

You can lead a horse to water but you canít make him drink is a proverb that relates to my educational experiences and the introduction of my sons academics. Acquainting a youngster to new things isnít easy. Instinctively, a child learns quickly from what it views of the world. This cautions me to be aware of how I display myself in front of my sons. Showing them how to drink water from a cup ensures that they will someday drink on their own. Therefore, demonstrating how to learn, study, and absorb things will help them to make confident decisions in the future.

Comparatively, placing a book before a child without teaching it to read is the same as trying to force a horse to drink. It wonít work! But, by guiding the horse (child) and unveiling the inherent value of the water (book), a curiosity stirs and the stubbornness surrenders.

Thereís a patient teacher in all of us. Spend time with a child and help it to discover the Stallion within itself. Of coarse you can lead a child to school, thatís easy. But can you, as an adult, guide him or her in a way that blossoms their creativeness?