Truancy among Students

Truancy has become a growing problem. As the students are truant teachers, vice principals and parents become worried. They do not think that students have enough responsibility to stay out of trouble. The truth is that only a few of the students that are truant do not have the responsibility to stay out of trouble. Truancy is the act of deliberately missing one or more classes. Currently about 50% of the Granite district truants are truant again. Ten percent of students in Utah that is arrested for sloughing are truant again. Moreover, very few students who do slough participate in illegal activities. Sloughing is too much of a concern with parents and faculty.

The truant students without the responsibility to make there own decisions will go smoke, vandalize personal property or shoplift. It is those few, without the responsibility to make their own decisions, that should be punished. The students that slough and go smoke or steal things should be arrested and tried as an adult. The students that commit the crimes think that they are responsible enough to make their own decisions like an adult that they should be responsible enough for the consequences that an adult would receive. Some friends of mine would slough and they would go to lunch, go to one of their houses and enjoy a good game or sleep. They would not go out and destroy other peopleís items or steal things. They did nothing wrong, one of them sloughed almost every day of the first quarter and passed all but two of his classes. He almost was kicked out of high school because he was having fun at his house or he was getting something to eat. Only one student who detested the thought of going to school and he would not go to school for 3 years. That student was the only one that was talked to that actually broke any law while being truant from school. That individual, while sloughing, was arrested for shoplifting. The certain individual is the only one that ever did anything illegal while sloughing school. That one truant out of seven ever broke the law while sloughing

If the student sloughs school and does not pass his classes then the student should be talked to. The student should not be kicked out of school because that would just make things worse. It would make the student not want to go to school because he would be in a strange new school.

The biggest reason that the truant students would be truant was that they did not like school. The second biggest reason why students would not go to school was that they just did not care about school. School was just a chore to them and they did not see the point in it. If they made school, a little more interesting and entertaining then maybe there would be a little less truancy. The administration does not see the solution to truancy that way. They think that force is the only way when it is actually the wrong way. If you force a student to do something, they will not succeed in school. Another reason that was common was that the truant students were addicted to the joys of being truant. There were many other reasons why students would be truant that included the famous Ďsenioritisí, the idea that the seniors are tired of school and found something better to do in the time of the school. The other is that they were too tired to go to school

They would go places in their car, vans, or some friendsí cars, vans. Moreover, if they did not have a ride or a car then they would walk to wherever they wanted to go. It did not matter the transportation as long as they did not have to go to class and they could do something else other than sit in the hard chair at school.

When the truant students would slough the most common activity was eat breakfast and/or lunch and sleep. If the school faculty was to make lunch a little longer and start school a little later then maybe there would be a little less truancy. A few of the activities that truant students