Through much research I have found 3 advertisements for popular companies that
range from well done to tasteless. Introduced first will be an ad that is done well and with
taste. Then, an advertisement that seems to be done poorly and has a message that could
be misunderstood by some people. Finally, a totally tasteless ad that has no right to be
seen by anyone with manners.

This first ad is from the Absolut Vodka company, although the product could be
controversial, the actual content is simple and would not create an uproar. Absolut has a
great ad compaign that uses familiar objects, sport teams, and places to push their
products. It also appears that this advertisement it targeted at a more mature person and
not a child or minor.

The second article is by Nissan and it showing it’s new Sport Utility Vehicle.

Although the billboard could be found humorous, it also carries a message that dangerous
driving is all right. It seems to say, go ahead, flip it over, some one else will pay for your
mistake. This billboard has poor composition and could have been designed better, but is
not the worst article found.

This last advertisement is for Southern Comfort Liquor. This article definitely
violates the ethics of advertising. The message of the billboard is that, if u get a girl
hammered with our alcohol, she’ll give it up to you. This billboard should not be allowed
to be seen. Advertising that indorses what could be considered date rape should be taken
off the market.

In conclusion, it’s not always what the article is advertising that dictates the
content. This paper shows 2 different articles for alcoholic products that are on different
side of the spectrum. While one is done tastefully, the other shows no regard for a
female. Advertising is seen by many impressionable people, we must be careful what is
going out there.