The bombing of pearl harbor could have been avoided and many lives could have been saved if the united states didn’t have over confidence in themselves, if the Americans would have kept better tract of Japanese intelligence, and if Roosevelt would of warned pearl harbor of his knowledge of it going to be attacked. Many things led up to the bombing of pearl harbor. The things that led up to the bombing started when japan started to make naval bases all over the territories it controlled. Roosevelt saw this as a threat to the United States so he decided to cut off their supply of natural resources. Roosevelt knew that without natural resources japan would not be able to last economically very long. In 1941 the United States tried to come to an agreement with japan to settle their differences. Japan wanted the untied states to keep supplying oil and for the United States to let japan go to war with china. The untied states refused to lift the oil embargo until japan would back off of their aggression with china. Neither country would agree to a settlement and war seemed like it was inescapable. (Pearl harbor conspiracy, 12)

The many people in the United States knew that pearl harbor was going to be bombed, but nobody in Hawaii knew about the planned attack. Pearl harbor at the time before the bombing was very relaxed. “ Many people in pearl harbor had no clue about the Japanese plotting to bomb it because nobody was informed about it.”( ). “Many people had no idea that pearl harbor was going to be bombed” as Ruth Erickson says who was a nurse at the time of the bombing. She says: “ we did not know what to think when pearl harbor got bombed … We were sitting in the dining room on a Sunday morning having a late breakfast when all of a sudden we heard lots of gunshots and we saw a plane crash on the tennis court. We had no idea what had just happened.”() . Another man who had no idea that pearl harbor was going to be bombed is Lee Soury. He said “I just had breakfast and looked out the porthole window on the carrier I was on and I saw a couple planes flying overhead”. Someone shouted out”” what the hell are those planes doing up there on a Sunday.””…. I thought that they were just practicing bombing targets and I realized that they were dropping real bombs. I said to myself “” what idiot made the mistake of putting real bombs on the planes instead of fake bombs.”” Not long after I realized that they were Japanese fighter pilots who were bombing the aircraft carrier. I wandered what is going on. I had no Idea why the Japanese would be bombing pearl harbor. I thought this was odd. Then I realized that I had to evacuate ship because it had been torpedoed” ( Cavendish,543). Some major officials on the island knew about the plot of japan to bomb pearl harbor, but did not think that japan was capable of a plan like this, so they decide not to spread the word because they felt no major threat from japan.

The united states also showed that they did not fear japan by not listening to the warnings of many people who had proof that japan was going to attack pearl harbor (Cavendish, 547). If the United States would have listened to the warnings and not have doubted the power of japan, the bombing of pearl harbor could have been avoided. There were many warning given by many different people. Here are a couple of the warnings that I found. One of the warnings was one given by the top British agent named Dusko Popov. “ he told the FBI of the planned attack on pearl harbor and that it would be very soon. The FBI told dusko that his information was too precise to be believed. The FBI said that the information he brought spelled out in detail when, where, how and why that they were going to be attacked. The FBI said it sounds like a trap so they didn’t listen to what dusko said (mother