Source Analysis
These three sources portray three different views on the topic of globalization. Globalization has been a very controversial topic in the past and still is today. Many people see the numerous pros and cons of globalization as a process and that is what these sources compare.
Source 1 is very clearly against the idea of globalization. This source would agree with the more detrimental effects of globalization. One example of these effects could be causing third world countries to fall further into poverty. These countries peoples are starving at an alarming rate. The African man under the wave has obviously been starving and subject to horrible working conditions with very little to no pay for the work he has done. The rich man atop the wave seems to be riding his "wave" of money and as he is living life, just floating along he is flooding out or possibly killing the people from third world countries.The artist of this cartoon would also agree with the idea of reducing, or even cutting out the process of globalization as a good to humankind. Some people who would support this source would be people in third world countries and other people affected negatively by globalization
The second source provided is neither in support or against the idea of globalization. Bill Clinton, the former president of The United States Of America has stated that globalization is a natural force that cannot and should not be controlled by the government or anyone else. He states that it is similar to forces of nature such as wind or water, these things cannot be controlled and must happen for the world to progress. Bill Clinton would support both effects of globalization but would still focus more strongly on the good, so as to not seem like a dufus. This source would support the argument that globalization should never be stopped. Some of the people who would be in support of this source would be realists and most government officials because they need to keep a relatively neutral view on the matter. Others who would support this would be people who have no real opinion as this seems like the easiest and most logical to support.
The third and final source provided would be greatly in support of globalization as a process. The source would definitely support any argument in support of globalization. Some examples of arguments they would be in support of would be the fact that globalization creates a stronger economy by creating many more jobs and decreasing unemployment, as stated in the source. They would also believe that globalization allows manufacturing companies to be more successful in the world because they can reduce costs and benefit consumers with lower cost goods and services. People that would be in support of this source would be leaders and or owners of big businesses and possibly economists who only take into account the creation of jobs and money, clean or dirty.
Source one is against the idea of globalization and would support any idea of the destruction of the process while source two would somewhat agree with source one he is mostly on his own with a very neutral idea that makes us believe that he would like to stand back and let nature run its course. Source two would also somewhat agree with source three but again he is in an area alone, not really agreeing with any of the other sources. Source three is completely in agreement with the idea of globalization as a process and believes it is in the best interest of society to continue on its path. Source one is in direct conflict with the viewpoint that source three has and they would not get along at all. They are polar opposites in the fight for globalization.