Kins 3296
Due: 9/8/18

First and foremost, my name is ______, and I am a Temple University student going into my junior year as an exercise and sport science major. This fall is my most important semester to date. Along with being a student, I currently work full time as a personal fitness trainer and intern part time at Saint Joseph's University as assistant strength and conditioning coach in variety of sports. Furthermore as a child, I was exposed to sport very early on and fell in love with it. Growing up I was always active in organized and recreational sports such as football, baseball and basketball. Football and baseball were my favorite in terms of interest. I would then go on to play those two sports from elementary all the way through high school. In my opinion sport has a very important impact on youth which in result, builds character, discipline, confidence, physical activity and energy expenditure. As a result, I owe much to sports because it shaped me into the person I am now along with experience and exposure with other ethnic groups, neighborhoods in the inner city of South Philadelphia.

Secondly, my background in sport was a great experience. In my opinion, most youth that participates in their favorite sport and or sports has a similar goal like most. In fact, eventually follow the footsteps of a favorite player they watch on television or a mentor. On the other hand once I reached high school and eventually understood how difficult it actually is to become professional I knew I was the "pro" type player. Furthermore, that is when I knew that pursuing an education in the field I most enjoyed and had the most experience and could still help and be behind the scenes to help other athletes become the professional athlete that I never became.

On the other hand, in my opinion exercise psychology and sport psychology involve the scientific study of the psychological factors that are linked with participation and performance in sport, exercise and other types of physical activity. For example,  helping athletes use psychological principles to achieve optimal mental health and to improve performance and ultimately understanding how participation in sport, exercise and physical activity affects an individual's psychological development, health and well-being throughout the lifespan.
Thirdly, referring back to my intro, exercise and sport has set the standard for me. Over the years meeting new people, playing with different ethnicities, making friends that I still have to this day. Sport and exercise allowed me to express myself to full potential and be the ambitious person I have been over the years.

At this point in my life, I spend most of my time in the gym training myself, clients, and students. I treat my exercises  like a an athlete would, as if I were training for a specific sport. Furthermore, when I have free time I still participate seasonally in recreational rough touch football and softball.  Therefore, in my opinion, the importance of physical fitness is crucial.  A person who is fit, I feel, is capable of living life to its fullest extent. Physical and mental fitness play very important roles in our lives and people who are both, physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions as well. In the same way, along with finding time training myself, I personal train clients from a wide range of ages and athletic types. I help client reach there personal fitness goals and help them understand the meaning of living a healthy lifestyle. In addition, my experience from my internship is helping me improve my knowledge and how to train smarter.

Finally, my plans for the future is to graduate from Temple University with my bachelor's degree in exercise sport science. Then, I plan to land a job as a assistant strength and conditioning coach at a division one college in any sport or sports but football would be my first choice. From then on, I am hoping to continue my education in master's degree program wherever I land for a job.Therefore, if I am luck enough, have the college pay for my education. Lastly, after some years of experience, my end goal would be to