Katherine Chopin has a different opinion of love, marriage, than most writers of her day. In her writing she indicates to her readers that marriage, though built on a foundation of love can not contain passion. Love is considered a feeling that inspires passion, and romance. It continues on throughout the marriage, but the passion and romance are lost somewhere in the struggles of married life. This loss can also occur in the task of raising children, causing a sort of neglect for the love of one’s life.

Passion is what inspires an individual to do anything. Chopin it seems is saying that this is an impossibility in marriage in the since of love or sexual relationship. Passion however can be found outside the marriage with other sexual partners. It can also be found in other areas such as in "The Story of an Hour." The main character in this story exemplifies this truth by the statement made after she got over the shock of her husband’s death, "Free, free, free!" Her passion came from the realization that she was once again free to do as she wished.

Marriage it seems is considered somewhat sacred even though it was almost as if it was acceptable for extramarital relations to take place in Chopin’s stories. She seems to think this act of breaking the holy vows of marriage was a justifiable act.