In Europe between the two revolutions many changes occurred and new views were cultivated and later fostered. There is one significant view that was developed and that is the social and gender definitions. At the time when the French Revolution took place class analysis had not yet been developed. Thus the French believed the men were usually the leaders and spokesman, and the women played significant roles (although not in the spotlight, still very much participated in society). But between the two revolutions any sense of equal that had been support is now lost.

The Russian Revolution was a male only event. The revolution was theorized, led and for men only. When women such as Rosa Luxembourg or Krupskaya tried to share their knowledge and gain entry into the event their fates were already determined. The women’s ideas were abandoned if they were not disregarded completely. This is loss of equivalency is one reason I believe Russia turned to a communist government and the values upheld by the French the explanation of their tendency towards democracy.