I never knew that I had such strenght in me,the challengues I succesfully overcame transformed my whole perspective of the world from expanding my thought process into a deeper and broader way of thinking to a more confident and happier self.
I grew I got into a mindset that I was going to study hard and be completely fluent in English. In order to do that I needed to stop isolating myself from the world. I started participating more in class and I even started to engage in conversations with my classmates. I realized that there was nothing to be afraid of and that they were just like me but with a different culture. I was glad I ended up in good hands and I was well received in my school. My friends and teachers were fascinated with my progress and academical achievements. At home my parents and I programmed the tv so we could only watch it in English and with time all the hard work my family and I put in payed off. I went from failing Standard classes to successfully completing Aps and honors courses.