Good evening and welcome back to another episode of ‘'Movie Talk", and tonight we will be reviewing one of two highly recognised and award-winning versions of Romeo and Juliet. Let's get down to business and focus on the film that I personally think is more relevant and simular to the original play composed by Shakespeare. This film was directed by Franco Zeffirelli an Italian director who like the film who has received many awards. My overall impression of this film was great compared to the modern version. The modern version composed by Baz Luhrmann is too contemporary compared to Shakespeare's play. The main actors in the Franco Zeffirelli film are Leonard Whiting who plays Romeo, Olivia Hussey as Juliet, John McEnery as Mercutio and Michael York as Tybalt, there are many more actors in the film but they are not as common.
The actors really filled my expectations in the film given my knowledge from