Freedom has many different meanings. The quality of being frank, open, or outspoken along with the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint are just some of the meanings of freedom. The quality of being exempt or released from something is also another definition of freedom. As much as freedom is considered to be a good thing it also has bad qualities that can accompany it.

As young children grow, they want to have more freedom as they get older. They want to have that sense of independence. They want to show off their abilities to survive on their own. At age sixteen many teens are given their first real opportunity of freedom. They are given a driver’s license. This is the teen’s chance to show that they are responsible enough to be given freedom. As they grow up they are given many more opportunities to have freedom, they are given later curfews, and he or she can go and come as they please. When they reach the time of graduation and get ready for college many chances at freedoms are given, such as a chance for him or her to live out on their own, a chance to support themselves, and are given more of a opportunity to show the world what they are all about. However, along with this freedom they are given, many problems can happen. The individual can totally ruin all of these opportunities by not maintaining a good standard of living or by not holding their responsibilities. As all of this freedom is bestowed upon the individual, there is also much responsibility. It seems logical to say then that when freedom is present, there also must be responsibility present. These students that have graduated and are off to college have a great deal of freedom in their lives and need to keep an upper hand on all of their duties and responsibilities. Because disaster can strike if the student takes advantage of the freedom that they are given. Students find it easy to take advantage of their freedom. The student has no parent yelling at them to get out of bed and get to school, they have no parent telling them to get their homework done, and they do not have a parent there to tell them to eat a healthy dinner. As much as many students like having all this freedom, they do not want too much of it. When they have lots of freedom, that means that they also have much responsibility. Students are responsible for many items that go hand in hand with their newfound freedom. Such as getting a job, keeping up on their studies, maintaining a healthy way of living, along with staying out of trouble. Students want to have all the freedom that they can be given, but they do not want the responsibility that accompanies this freedom.

With there the absence of necessity, coercion, and restraint, when freedom is given, a great deal of responsibility is also given. Responsibility is a requirement to have freedom, is a logical thing to say.