As the 21st century dawns ahead of us, the future holds what seems to be the best advancements of our civilization. Man has come a long way since the first computer was invented. It is from that enormous monster that we have grown off of, (maybe that accounts for the hideous beige metal boxes computers are housed in). Then along came wires and at the present we are beginning the wire-less age. What lies beyond that may be the answer to all of man-kindís problems.

Remember the brick? Also known as a crude cell phone, it marked the beginning of the cellular age. Because of that phone we now have a giant array of cellular phones and accessories. Sure, thereís the ordinary cell phone that looks cool, speed-dials from a phonebook, and had a calendar. This past year it is now considered passť. If you have to live up to the status of a CEO, (or just want to act like one), then having a cell phone with internet capabilities is a must. So as the palm pilot goes in the technological trash-bin, cell phones that have access to the internet are becoming the leaders in the global industry.

Rather than snapping on a modem, this new breed of cell phones allows for web browsing. These phones get all the basics such as sports scores, news, stock quotes,
e-mail and even book ordering from In addition, any web page that a developer has designed for Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP. America Online and Sprint PCS have recently cut a deal whereas users can get their e-mail and use Instant Messenger on their internet-ready cell phones. Cell phone makers, due to the rising participation in cell phone web-browsing, are increasing storage space on their phones. They are also making the screens larger so that up to about 11 lines of text can be seen on the tiny screen. These cell phone companies are helping start the wireless revolution that will take the world by storm.

The remarkable capabilities cell phones now have donít just end there. Cell phones are being introduced that now have the capabilities of an MP3 player. Samsung, a leader in the industry, has came out with a cell phone that downloads MP3 files through a WAP internet browser or transfers files from a PC. If you get tired of that you can always use the songs to create customized rings. The memory is somewhat limited- only holding about 15 to 20 songs, but never-the-less it can help you out at those boring meetings at the office. Just make sure you have your headphones.

The wireless revolution is happening at a phenomenal speed. Pagers, Palms and cell phones are bombarded with new features. These devices are the foundation from which other electronic devices can grow in technological status. Cars now have on-board navigation systems with voice control. Video Cameras are becoming hand-held computers complete with a menu and direct editing. There is no end to this amazing wireless future that looms before us. With all these wireless phones, pagers, and Palms it may be tough to choose the right one that wonít become outdated in a month or so, but this technology is the key to our future and we must go along with it. After all, whatís next- computerized bathrooms?