"And Then There Were None" Study guide
Justin Doughty

Chapter 1
3rd person omniscient, the author wrote this so we could see the mind of every character.
I like Justice Wargrave because he is up to date with the news and Miss Emily Brent because she seemed old school. Justice Wargrave is wealthy because he is in a 1st class carriage (1st line of the book). Vera Claythorne got a big break with Indian Island (page 4 paragraph 2). Philip Lombard is very deceiving/cunning (page 5 paragraph 9). Miss Emily Brent was friends with Mrs. Owen/Oliver (page 8 the letter). General Macarthur is very impatient (page 10 paragraph 4). Mr. Armstrong is determined and hardworking (page 10 paragraph 2). Anthony Marston dislikes the rich (page 12 paragraph 4). Mr. Blore is mysterious (page 13 paragraph 8, 9, 10).
Constance Culmington, Una Nancy Owen.

Chapter 2
He is very attractive, Fred thought he was the only satisfactory guest.
A modern house w/ round windows letting light in; They were let in by the butler, but Vera followed Mrs. Rodgers; they find out the hosts have been M.I.A for a while.
The Rodgers are the only staff, we find out more about Anthony, Blore, Macarthur, Philip, and Emily.

Chapter 3
The ten Indian's, I think they represent the 10 people there.
That the place would be bad during a storm; that they think that the person who invited them wasn't an Oliver or an Owen
That everyone there has killed; Mr. Rodgers
They were shocked and Mrs. Rodgers fainted, after the gramophone they became untrusting of one another.
They were all invited by someone different, they were invited by Unknown.
Mr. Blore

Chapter 4
Each character makes it seem an accident except Philip.
Wargrave brought Mathews to execution.
It shows who that little boy was and the story.
Philip; Mr. Rodgers
Can't leave till morning
Anthony dies from choking on alcohol.

Chapter 5
To check for cyanide; he found cyanide; He committed suicide.
It charges my perception of Justice and Macarthur because it shows they are lying. For example, in Justice's paragraph it says, "He cooked Seton's goose alright!" showing that it was murder and in Macarthur's passage it states, "He'd sent Richmond deliberately to his death" this also shows he is a murderer.
I figure missing means everyone will die, and the first death was the 10th in the poem so everyone will die according to the poem.
Chapter 6
Armstrong said it was heart attack; Emily-act of god; Blore- poisoned by Mr. Rodgers
Fred, Fred isn't arriving because that's how it turned.
That it's the end, true peace
When someone dies a doll is removed

Chapter 7
That it was true Emily killed a girl; she says it was her own decision; In Vera's eyes she was terrible.
They come up with that there is a lunatic; they are connected to the rhyme.
They decide to search the island.

Chapter 8
By proxy means search by hand
A revolver because he is usually in tight spaces
They are looking for a lunatic, they find nothing
Macarthur is very relieved; everyone says he has gone mad; Macarthur acting this way might be the 3rd poem and this is him "staying".

Chapter 9
Philip had a gun with him the whole time, I think he is guilty as I said earlier he is cunning.
Macarthus dies; hit in the back of the head; there are now 7 dolls
The murderer is one of them.
Justice takes charge; Facts, Facts and more facts.

Chapter 10
1. Lombard thinks Justice; Vera thinks the Doc. Lombard says Justice wants to choose who lives and dies, Vera thinks doctors go mad easily from stress and doctors are around poison (2/3 deaths were from poison).
2. Vera, Philip, and Blore
3. She says that Beatrice is the killer, Beatrice was the victim of Emily.
4. Curtain and oil missing, I think someone is going to get killed by it.

Chapter 11
Philip was introduced weirdly, he thinks the time is off, I think that's weird because it was fine any other time.
Rodgers dies, axe fell on him, Emily is host suspicious because of how clam she is.
The next nursery rhyme says that the next death will be from a bee sting.
Philip is very cunning and sly while, Blore is straight forward; Blore reveals that he thinks its Emily.
I think Hugo is