Adolf Hitler changed the course of history. His childhood strongly shaped his
personality. There were many deciding factors that determined the kind of person Hitler
finally became.

Adolf\'s father was Alois, an illegitimate child, his mother was Marie

Schickulgruber. Alois took his fathers name Hitler before Adolf was born. Alois was
already a successful border guard when he was 18, and later became an Austrian customs
official. He retired in 1849 after 40 years of service. He was 58 and retired early because
of bad health.

After he retired he bought a nine acre farm near the small town of Hafeld. His
dream was to live a country life, but the farm took much more work than he expected.

Since his health was poor, he had a very hard time making a living on the farm. He had
always found that spending time with his children was irritating, but on the farm they were
forced to work side by side. This was difficult for Alois, who was very hard on the
children. He often beat them when they didn\'t mind. Adolf\'s father\'s main hobby was bee
keeping, often the mother had to remove 30 or more bee stingers at the end of a day.

Alois married his former house keeper, Klara Poelzl, in 1885 she was already
pregnant. Klara had three children who died when they were very young, before she had

Adolf. Five years late she had a daughter, Paula. Even though Klara was kind to her step
children she showed favoritism to her own children. Adolf was fond of his sisters but
never got along with Alois Jr., A step child from a previous marriage.

Alois Jr. especially disliked Adolf because their mother always loved Adolf more.

Alois Jr. resented his father, who often beat him with a whip for disobedience, and ran
away at the age of fifteen and never came home. He was jailed twice for theft and led an
unhappy adult life. He lived in Paris for a while and then moved all the way to Ireland,
but when Adolf became famous he moved to Berlin and opened a cafe hoping to take
advantage of his brother\'s popularity. Adolf disliked him and told his friends never to
mention his name.

When Adolf was born his mother was afraid he would die so she gave most of her
attention to him. She treated the other two kindly but never with the same affection as she
treated Adolf. Adolf liked his half sister Angela much better, but his baby sister Paula was
his closest sibling. Paula too charge of his household, and remained faithful even after he
became famous.

Adolf was born in 1889 in Brounan, Austria, a small city on the German border.

When Adolf was young, he took singing lessons and sang in the choir in a Benedictine
monastery. Adolf did very well in elementary school until he became interested in art. As
soon as he saw all the attention he could get from drawing he immediately began drawing
pictures of castles and landscapes that amazed his peers. Much to his fathers
disappointment he decided to pursue a career in art instead of following in his fathers
footsteps. Since he did his drawing in class his school work suffered. Hitler said later on
in life that he did bad in school so his father would let him pursue his career in art. At this
time children either went to Gymnasium or Reilschule. Gymnasium was for people who
wanted a classic education and Reilschule was a technical and scientific school. His father
wanted him to go to Reilschule and Hitler agreed mainly because it offered a drawing
class. Every day Hitler walked 3 miles to attend Reilschule in Rintz.

Reilschule was much bigger than his old school and he didn\'t get the attention he
was used to. After a while though, he started to fit in. He often organized the children
into groups to play war games in which he was always captain. He based many war games
on the stories he read out of James Cooper. Even as a child he was a convincing speaker,
organizing the children into debate teams. He wrote later in Mein Kampf that he thought
that this is where he got his speaking and organizational skills

Hitler was fourteen when his father died. He could now follow the career of his
choice. When he was 16 his grades were to poor to continue in school so he moved home
to his mother. He spent his time drawing and sketching. In 1906 Klara